June 2008

Larry Oskin

Marketing Solutions | by Larry Oskin


Marketing Through Newsletters

Now is the time to start a newsletter campaign. Salon and day spa newsletters are a wonderful way to educate your clients and your community on all of your special salon and spa services.

They are also great at promoting your staff’s technical abilities and creative skills. They help you increase sales of professional services, gift certificates and products to your existing clientele, while also introducing you to many new people in your area.

It’s what’s inside that counts. Your salon newsletter should take an educationally oriented approach with an assortment of articles covering your various salon and spa service departments. Tell what makes your hair, skin, nail and spa services unique, while sharing the benefits of each of your various specialty services. Explain your special hair care and beauty care services, especially anything that hidden behind the closed doors of your salon.

This list of potential newsletter article topics may help you get started:

Create eye-catching newsletter designs. Newsletters should be stylish and consistent with your total salon or day spa image. Create attractive full color layouts with strong headlines and colorful photographs. Make your newsletters represent the high quality image your spa deserves. Use your logo and stay consistent with your corporate color scheme. Give your newsletter a name and a masthead.

Get the word out. You can mail these directly to your own clients. Visit local direct mail resources to explore how to buy mailing lists or to use their services. It is important to get them distributed to the local community within a three to five mile radius of your salon, which is an effective way to introduce yourself to your neighbors. While newsletters can be printed and mailed, you can distribute them less expensively within local newspapers as freestanding inserts. You can distribute them for free by offering one to each client at your reception desk. Another inexpensive option is to publish them electronically and distribute them to your client e-mail list.

Don’t be afraid to share a partial salon service price list occasionally in your newsletter. This helps to eliminate the fear some new clients may have when considering you for their future professional hair and beauty care services.

Two to four times per year is plenty of coverage for salon newsletters. You really do not need one every month, unless you want to distribute a monthly or a twice monthly e-mail blast.

Use a creative team. It will pay to use a professional graphic designer and a printer, so you make every first impression a lasting and positive impression. Don’t do it yourself. Ask your staff and clients if they or anyone in their family can help you create a professional salon newsletter. Local printers will be happy to provide this as a freelance service as needed. You can always try to barter for a few of your salon, skincare and spa services using gift certificates.

If you do not already have a full-service marketing, advertising and media relations agency onboard, consider hiring one. Hire a professional to make it professional. Make each newsletter a well-designed showpiece that distinctively sets you apart while making you respected as the most progressive salon specialists in your community.

Newsletters are perfect marketing tools. Celebrate your salon team’s success story with the entire community. Keep them very positive while educating and entertaining with plenty of full color photographs. These newsletters really do not need to offer any coupon or discounted special. You will be surprised at how many new people will start to come into your salon just because they were impressed with your newsletter. You might also be surprised how many regulars will try a new service for the first time, just because you reached out to them.

Larry H. Oskin is president of Marketing Solutions, a full-service marketing, advertising, graphic design, media relations and consulting services agency specializing in the professional beauty business. For more information, call 703-359-6000, LOskin@MktgSols.com or www.MktgSols.com.