Allan Ngo ~ Respected Hair Icon

Allan Ngo is the successful owner of Allan's Salon in Santa Clara. In business for over 15 years, with a combined staff of commission-based employees and some independent chair renters, Ngo has found a formula that works well for everyone, especially their loyal clientele. Today, Allan Ngo is one of Silicon Valley's most sophisticated hair designers.

Born in the Vietnam countryside, at the young age of 16, Ngo realized his passion for the craft of hairdressing. With so much motivation and willingness to learn, yet with no money; Ngo went out to look for work as a hair designer.  A man working in a hole-in-the-wall salon offered Allan Ngo the opportunity to work in his space for free. In an exchange for education, Ngo quickly took advantage of this first career opportunity in a heartbeat. For 8 years, Ngo worked there learning from trial and error and gradually gained more experience .

At the age of 24, he felt the urge to travel to the United States to have more opportunities to learn and to expand his career dreams. Allan Ngo and his family packed up all their necessities and traveled to the USA. Arriving in San Jose, CA for the first time, he felt excited and motivated in a big city to continue his education as a hairstylist.

By 1990, Allan's perception of the bob haircut changed. He was inspired by one of Vidal Sassoon's many commercials showing a young woman vigorously tossing her hair while it still also looked precise with so much movement.  Ngo knew this was his goal to obtain the required skills to execute precision bob haircuts, during his stay in the United States.

One of the main challenges Ngo experienced was a strong language barrier. Not being able to express his feelings and communicate well,  was holding him back. Allan Ngo admits that he is still working hard to learn how to improve his English and communications skills every day. Whether it is from traveling around the world as a respected world class hair design platform artist and educator for manufacturers, educating other hairdressers in Asia, or by working in his salon with his staff and clients, he loves every minute of it.

Ngo specialized in creative haircuts, haircolor and dynamic hairstyle designs. He loves the benefits of teamwork. In his salon, he always wants every experience to be a win-win-win situation for his clients first, the staff second and then for the salon as a business. He knows that if everyone else is happy and successful, then he too will be very successful. He has learned and perfected many diverse techniques over the years, yet he primarily uses the Method Alliance techniques developed by Alan Benfield Bush combined with his own personal adaptations for his haircutting techniques and business operations. He actively uses many different professional Japanese haircare products, to set his salon apart from the local area competition.

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