Blinkbar Launches Flagship Location In Santa Monica

America's trusted brand for eyelash extensions, Blinkbar, announces the launch of its first brick and mortar shop, located in Santa Monica, Calif. After the success of several pop-up locations in New York, Texas, and California, Blinkbar, home to a loyal roster of celebrity clientele, will now offer a more complete brand experience at their stunning flagship store.

After discovering a European method to lash extensions nonexistent in America, founder/CEO Tirzah Briscoe began a worldwide mission to provide the highest quality lashes available. Blinkbar became one of the only salons to offer 100% Siberian mink lashes. Briscoe's specialized European/Hollywood hybrid approach made Blinkbar the go-to brand for A-listers, fashionistas and beauty junkies seeking to obtain the pinnacle of lush, yet natural-looking lashes.

"We are so excited to finally open our premier brick and mortar location in the heart of sunny Santa Monica," says Briscoe. "We'll be offering the same superior service to our regular clients who visit us monthly to avoid the hassle of eye makeup, and our clients prepping for an important occasion or event."

Featuring a Lash Menu, clients can choose from more than 300 types of lashes and styles, or consult the brand's lash stylists for a completely customized result.

"At Blinkbar, you can be sure you're seeing a specialist who truly stands behind her work," says Briscoe. "Each stylist undergoes an extensive 'lash bootcamp' of 1000+ training hours to ensure she will not only consistently achieve outstanding results, but will also do this safely, properly, and in a way that will actually improve the health of your lashes long-term."

Running what would become Los Angeles' #1 destination for beautiful, truly customized eyelash extensions was never Tirzah Briscoe's plan. In fact, she came into the business purely out of necessity.

In 2012, Briscoe was working in Hollywood as a film director when she noticed her close friend, a well-known actress, was suddenly sporting these beautifully lush lashes unlike anything she had seen before. They were eyelash extensions, done by a stylist in London. After countless failed attempts and months of research, Briscoe discovered that these lashes were not available in the U.S.

Briscoe trained with the same eyelash expert in London and was soon applying her friend's lashes, their friend's, and so forth. Before she knew it, she had a burgeoning business, one that was attracting A-list celebrity clientele in a matter of weeks.

Pooling her knowledge and experience, along with a growing demand, Briscoe launched Blinkbar, a lash extension brand that would provide unrivaled consistency, customization and the only satisfaction guarantee in the industry.

Today, Briscoe continues to grow her lash empire, with pop-up shops throughout the U.S. and the newly launched brick-and-mortar shop in Santa Monica, Calif. In addition to providing the absolute best and most trusted eyelash extensions in the country, Blinkbar also carries specialty lash products and brow care/shaping for the total package. Briscoe's ultimate goal is to establish 120 Blinkbar locations across America with additional shops overseas.

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